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Making memories

On the way to you making your event not just special but definitely one to remember, call us on

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We can do all that we say we do and maybe a little more, like making suggestions for a suitable venue or listening to your ideas about what we might do. We will actively engage with you about the best design for your entertainment if that seems to help. And yes, we would be delighted to be picked as your entertainer as we work through the ideas together.


If an idea seems good now, just get in touch

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First time party planner? How to pick the right entertainer from the huge choice available? Who will give a reliable recommendation? Leaving aside the practical considerations, party planning can remain a daunting prospect.


Wonderland can speak from experience – many practical plans made with many parents, many successful parties in many places. Wonderland can share its expertise – it is clear what it does and knows it does it well because of the feedback it receives. Wonderland recognizes the only matter of importance is that the children positively and thoroughly enjoy themselves at THAT party and go home glowing. Usually, that way everyone feels good!