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We are not talking a puppet on a knee, a makeshift curtain, and certainly not Punch and Judy. Imagine more a mini West End theatre with red curtain, gold surround, stage lighting, scenery, music, songs, different tales with different characters. A tale lasts half an hour. Children don’t just watch the show – they get drawn into it. They need to be the attentive audience so that they can stick with the story the puppeteer is putting across – it’s educational and fun at the same time.

Do you want to include some classic entertainment for your party?

Then we’re definitely talking magic and puppets.

Add a touch of wonder

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Professional puppetry

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Marvellous magic

Children don’t just watch the magic – they get drawn into it. Some of them even appear to be the magician at times! The birthday child often gets to the big trick of the day. Magic readily grabs the imagination of every member of the group.


Once the children are involved they start to wonder how it is done. With big, colourful tricks for the age group, the secret to the trick can seem so OBVIOUS!! If the magician seems to be a bit of a joker then the more active the children will be in the process. Magic is both fun and educational at the same time. We love to call it comedy magic – the children just love it!