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We provide a colourful and nutritious individual platter service including typical foods and drinks for children. You select the content of a platter from our very flexible list of options. Further details on request.

And of course the Refreshment

Start your party with a bang!

There's no better way to get children in the party mood than to play games! Include a selection of well known children’s party games for a lively and vibrant start to your party.


We try to make sure that from the beginning no-one feels left out. Our games can grab the attention and excitement of those already there and can draw in the latecomer the moment they arrive. Our party games are designed to be physically and mentally stimulating to suit the age group. They are also intended to help the children form their unique party group from the word go. Mainly,of course, the games are intended to be the best possible FUN!

Ready for the off

Whether it be games, party bags or refreshment you have in mind, Call Wonderland Children's Parties on

01932 561 779

We offer to supply end of party goodie bags. We make these age appropriate in three age ranges. You tell us how many you need, we bring more than you need and on the day you buy only the number you need. In this way, you need to spend no time shopping for the bags and you have no left over bags. Each bag contains 10 items, mostly for play. There is room in the bag for a slice of birthday cake and a couple of other items if you wished to add to it. Further details on request.

The Fun of Party Bags

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