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Whether it’s a child’s birthday, end of term celebration, a way of occupying young wedding guests or any child centred event, we have the sounds and equipment to help it go with a swing. Our playlists are extensive and we are willing to add in any special choices if desired.


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Fun for any occasion!

Disco fever!

Celebrate in style with a children’s disco. Tailored for any age group, our discos are styled in ways that encourage everyone present to join in with one another and with what is happening – for the sake of their own enjoyment.  There are no lower or upper age limits for joining in the fun that we have ever noticed!

Let’s get the children dancing

To book your children's disco, party or family entertainment, give us a call on

01932 561 779

  • Mini discos – ideal for the 3 to 6s, with age related music and activities including flashing lights, balloon modeling, bubbles, snow, hula hoops, limbo

  • Junior/teenage discos – getting closer to the beat and the dazzle while occasionally introducing a game, competition or snow storm to draw everyone closer together now and again  

  • Big kid discos -  not yet club land – still to be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys dancing to their favourite tracks.  

Our children's discos include:

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